Seals of Skerries

The early morning adventures of the Sleepless Dad are still on! And now, the dynamic duo (Sleepless Dad and Incredibly Awake Son*) started reaching farther and farther away from home every morning.

Yeah. At least I can pretend waking up at 5am and driving around for hours is fun… Lately we have been pushing farther away from home, and our favourite destination is Skerries. It’s a beautiful town, on the sea. It has nice harbour (not so nice with low tide, but beggars can’t be choosers).

The little one has taken a liking to being there in the early moments of the day, because we can often see the local wildlife: seals!

I really like it when he just waves at them, a huge smile on his face.

Hello there…

*I have to come up with better superhero names…

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