Photo trip to the Saltee islands

We left Dublin early on Saturday to get to the Saltee islands:


Saltee islands

The weather wasn’t great: fog and clouds and we weren’t particularly optimistic for the day.


Kilmore Quay, not a great morning as far as weather goes…


Land ho!

The clouds covered the sky almost all morning, until we got onto the islands.

Once we arrive though, the sun decided to show up and we had a beautiful (mostly) sunny day.


A beautiful sunny day

I admit I was afraid I couldn’t do much to get the birds and that they’d be too far away for my lenses… It turns out we could get within a few metres from them, we could almost touch them!

And there were so many…


So many birds… at least the story was different from the movie…

Good day, a few good photos 🙂

Still, there is something I don’t understand:


Why do puffins look so sad? 😦



Results from a quick trip to Donegal 🙂

Sun, rain and wind 🙂


Ok, ok, I know… It’s been a while since last time…

And now, apparently, Spring has finally come! Temperature is up, the sun is shining in the sky and the jacket hasn’t left the house in a few days…

Anyway, new week, new photowalk.

The group met in the city centre and left to shoot places that were used in the making of movies. Or, at least that was the initial intention… We kinda got distracted walking in Trinity College and ended up just taking advantage of the beautiful day…

We spent almost two hours just walking the grounds in Trinity, and then we decided to move towards the City Council building on the quays.

To spice things up, we decided to go through Temple Bar…

Last act was, of course, pints accompanied by a friendly chat…


Pints in the sun

Dingle Peninsula

Parents visiting from Italy and a long weekend travelling through Ireland: that’s a good combination 🙂 .


Near Slea Head… Those colours :O

We were even lucky enough to get decent weather, I don’t think the trip would have been very fun otherwise.


The views were incredible… pictures can’t capture that… :/

Easter rising centenary

This year marks the centenary of the Easter Rising, during which Irish Republican took up arms against the British army.

The celebration included a parade featuring Irish soldiers from many different forces.


We tried to catch a few glimpes of the parade (which wasn’t easy due to the crowd) and here’s part of the result…

It was a very nice (and cold) day…


I lost count of the number of sesaons we had this weekend, but look at the (double) rainbow!!! If you can’t see the second, it’s on the right… ending on the smokestacks…


Irish Army seal of approval

St. Patrick’s day!

First year in Ireland, first St. Patrick’s day in Dublin!


‘Stay at home’, they said. ‘It’s going to be crazy’, they said. I didn’t listen 🙂 .

We met at 10 to go see the parade, we were very close to the route it would take. We got even closer, we could have almost touched them… And still we couldn’t see anything…

I have rarely seen so many people just hanging around and having fun (and pints, but mostly fun…).

I even brought my camera, hoping to get some good shots… I shouldn’t have bothered 😀

Still, the best thing to see were the people…


And, of course, when everything was over…


Cleaning up

Falconry workshop

It’s been a while since I had the chance to shoot birds, and this week a workshop on falconry provided the perfect occasion to do it again 🙂 .

It was also the perfect occasion to remind how much I miss my long lenses 😦 .

Still, good day, great group, wonderful birds… and a couple of decent pictures…

Now I need to get a proper lens for this kind of things… 😛


Rainy Dublin


Went out yesterday (last week, as of now 🙂 )… Rain… So much rain…

Even if I was actually out for a very short time I managed to get completely wet (and miserable).

I only managed to get a few snaps around the city centre and of the right2water thing…

You’re definitely never boring, Dublin… 😀

Taking a short break from the rain…

Last Saturday we had a short break from the norm (you know… sunny weekdays, rainy weekends… the usual…). The sun came out on Sunday for a few hours (including a brief hailstorm in the middle of the day 😦 ).

Great day to wander the streets and discover new things about the city:


Who knew…


Blue skies in Dublin

Also, good chance to go out on a photowalk with like-minded people and just shoot away…


GPO and spire


Our main subjects were supposed to be streets and buildings, but you know how these things go…

What else to say… Great people, sun (and hail), and photos… A wonderful day 🙂 .

Happy New Year!!

Last Sunday people gathered to celebrate Chinese New Year’s at the CHQ building.

And Sunday means photowalk! So, what else to say but: HERE COMES THE MONKEY¹!



¹as in “year of the monkey”, duh!