Oh boy… Do I miss the mountains

I’m back!! BACK!! After a whole year, I’m finally back on a mountain!

Yeah, I know there are “mountains” in Ireland, but it’s definitely not the same. I mean, today I managed to hike to the Pratignano lake (Lago di Pratignano) in the province of Modena. It’s at 1,307m above sea level: not particularly high up… But it’s still more than 200m higher than Ireland’s highest mountain!!

And the weather… well, it’s absolutely impossible to compare  🙂

It didn’t feel like December at all!


On the ridge


Along the lake


Blue and ice

Great day and hike. Tip of the hat to our wonderful guides!


Monte Cimone (Mount Cimone, 2165m)

Oh, and a very happy new year 🙂

Looking for snow: Mullaghcleevaun

After hiking during Christmas holidays, I think I came down with the hiking disease once again. And I find quite ironic that I had to come to Ireland to find snow…

My short time home was marked by a remarkably warm weather, therefore you could only find a few small snow patches on the mountains. Which, needless to say, was quite disappointing…


See what I mean? Almost no snow! 1730m above sea level in December!!

Compare that with this…


This is Lough Cleevaun. 700m above sea level… THIS IS IRELAND!!

There was snow from around 550m and up! In some place over 40cm deep!

It was wonderful :3 …

All in all, a great hike. Most of it in the white…

Mountains! At last!

I must admit that since my Irish adventure started I have been somewhat in withdrawal… I need the mountains to function properly and Irish mountains, while very nice, are not enough…

So yesterday I joined a group to go on Monte Cimone on our mountains in Italy (God bless holidays!). It should have been a walk on snowshoes due to the altitude and, you know… winter…

But, it turns out there is almost no snow on our mountains these days, so we decided to go without snowshoes. That was a good call.

Once I got out of the fog bank on the plains (horrible…), there wasn’t a siongle cloud in the sky. On the mountains there was almost no snow, and it was incredibly warm for December…


View from Monte Cimone to the south

One of the first thoughts that came to mind was a solemn curse because I forgot my polarizer… No, none of these photo has been taken with a polarizer… And no, I haven’t bumped up the saturation in any of them…

This is what the sky really looked like 😯 …

So anyway, we climbed from Fiumalbo up above the tree line, where we had a pleasant hike in the sun.

We even enjoyed a meal in the sun and a few minutes rest before making our way down.

I really needed this!

And tomorrow we go up again!