A castle and a pint of Smithwick’s

Autumn has officially started: sunny and cold (cold for me, at least).

A great day to travel and to go see new places. This week: Kilkenny. Ok, it’s not really a new pllace for me: but it’s been so long!

No trip to Kilkenny can ignore the castle:


Kilkenny castle

Built between 1195 and 1213, the castle is an iconic view of the town of Kilkenny. It was recently renovated and it’s a very popular attraction for tourists.

It’s a very well kept and organized attraction and it’s possible to have a self-guided tour of the castle and grounds:

As marvelous as it is, Kilkenny castle is far from being the only thing to see in town:

Those visiting the town may also see the beautiful cathedrals and churches as well as the old medieval town.


River Nore

Another thing that cannot be missed in Kilkenny is, obviously, Smithwick’s brewery 🙂

The oldest beer in Ireland!

A fine ale you should taste every day until the world’s end!


The world is coming to an end, all right…

Soccer fans

Celtic vs. Barcelona!

The streets are full of supporters… and beer, lots of it…


Celtic supporters in Temple Bar

A good and fun crowd 🙂

Lots of fun, even considering the final result… :/