Our last trip before the world went belly up

I have always loved black and white photography. Using only shadows and lines to create depth, contrast to create structure. It’s my favourite way to see the world.

Light and shadow

Even photos that end up being in colour: I usually shoot everything in black and white (I shoot RAW, so only the preview is black and white in reality). When I get rid of colour I can focus on composition, it makes me feel focused and able to find new angles.

Lisbon is a city that suits black and white well. It’s a city of contrast, lights and shadows, new and old.

It was also the last destination of our trips, before the world shut down.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit it thoroughly, the landscape of rolling hills and narrow lanes was ill suited for my then pregnant wife.

Alas! I am afraid we’ll have to go back and finish the job… ­čśÇ

Also, not all photos end up in black and white ­čśŤ

Happy New Year!!

Last Sunday people┬ágathered to celebrate Chinese New Year’s at the CHQ building.

And Sunday means photowalk! So, what else to say but: HERE COMES THE MONKEY┬╣!



┬╣as in “year of the monkey”, duh!