Christmas lights (yes, I know it’s mid-November…)

New week, new photowalk…

Very, very small group this time: few but good. We planned (not really) to see the lighting of the Cristmas lights in Grafton street, but we met much earlier to walk around the city centre first.


Street music




Blur and colbac

We had plenty of time left, so we went for a walk through Stephen’s Green.

While waiting for the lighting, we also had a quick stop at the Natural History Museum. Nice stuff, horrible light…

And then, after a quick pint in the world’s smallest pub (which, incidentally, is not that small), we were back on the streets!


Must… get… closer…


Dawson’s street

And after a few more minutes, we finally got to see the Christmas lights (I know it’s freaking November!!)…

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