Dublin nights

Taking pictures at night (after 4pm in Ireland) is hard: there’s not much light and don’t even get me started on that white balance thingy*…

And yet, if you can get it right, it yields great results!

Here in Dublin, we are also lucky enough to have many interesting subjects when it comes to lighting, such as… the bridges!  (How original… 😀 )

Anyway… autumn night in Dublin means wind. Lots of wind. Strong wind (stronger than what I’m used to, anyway…). Strong wind means heavy tripod for long exposures.

Oh, yeah: it also means almost freezing…

By the time I got home I was like the human popsicle… Worth it, though…

I even had the energy to play a little with lights and bokeh!


Pearl necklaces



A little tacky maybe. But, by that time I was basically trying to divert my attention from my body temperature…


*I know how white balance works, I’m just trying to convey the difficulties behind night photography  😉 .

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