Early morning in the mist

“Go to the lighthouse for sunrise!”, they said; “It’ll be grand! You’ll get great pictures!”, they said. “Great idea…”, I thought…


A grand day indeed…

That was how it began.

The previous day was nothing but a flurry of “Should we?”, “Shouldn’t we?”, “Let’s do this!”, “But sunrise is at 5AM! That’s too early!”, “It’ll be worth it.”, “Are you sure?”, “Yeah, we’ll get great photos!”.

Once we convinced ourselves that it was a great idea, we got our stuff ready: what do you need to photograph dawn? Most people would be fine with a camera and a lens, but me? No sir, let’s do it big. I should get at least four lenses, and possibly a spare camera, you never know… (don’t judge me, that place is jinxed: while there I have been in a storm once and swallowed by the sea a few months later).

Imagine leaving your home in the middle of the night, carrying a horribly heavy backpack, filled with things that you ABSOLUTELY need to have on you (not really though); imagine struggling to get a taxi while in a crowd of half crazed/half drunk teenagers (it was a Sunday before a bank holiday, and there had been a concert of some kind in the city); imagine getting at your target location after spending a good fifteen minutes trying to convince your cabby to drive you through isolated and dark roads; imagine then looking at the clear sky and at your hopes to get a great pic of the sun rising from the sea…

Now, imagine walking towards your target, and – as you’re walking – realizing that all around you a very thick mist is appearing as if out of nowhere [*sound of hopes being crushed*]. I was kinda like being on a set of a pirate movie…. Water all around, all sounds muffled by the mist, the smell of seaweeds and fish, the sea so eerily calm… it was almost like we were about to be hit by some kind of curse (‘The Curse of the Black Pearl’ came to mind).

No such thing happened (phew).

So we spent a couple of hours half complaining, half making fun of the situation. We also spent some time taking pictures as the day grew brighter:

And the, all of a sudden, out of the mist… a single cyclist (a pretty unexpected event, am I right?).


The cyclist

We weren’t the only hopeless photographers lost in the mist! Yay…

And that’s when the day turned, when the disappointed photographers started to make their way back to land. That’s when the sun started showing over the horizon (I assume, we couldn’t really see it, but the day grew brighter).

The mist started to fade, we were suddenly able to actually see the sea (did I mention how we couldn’t even do that?).

And that’s also when we saw the sun. We had clearly missed sunrise, as the disc was WELL above the horizon.

And thus my SECOND attempt to shoot sunrise at Poolbeg lighthouse failed. It’s time to start planning for the next. And, you know, third time’s a charm…

A day at the park: of horses and men

Okay, okay… I know: it’s been a while…

This summer has been quite uneventful (at least for me): no real holidays, all the time spent working and so on…

Today I finalyy got some photography done 🙂

Photowalk in Phoenix Park! Ok, I know: been there, done that; but still…

Big bunch of guys, fighters, horses and games 🙂




Not many keepers, but lots of fun 🙂

Easter rising centenary

This year marks the centenary of the Easter Rising, during which Irish Republican took up arms against the British army.

The celebration included a parade featuring Irish soldiers from many different forces.


We tried to catch a few glimpes of the parade (which wasn’t easy due to the crowd) and here’s part of the result…

It was a very nice (and cold) day…


I lost count of the number of sesaons we had this weekend, but look at the (double) rainbow!!! If you can’t see the second, it’s on the right… ending on the smokestacks…


Irish Army seal of approval

Rainy Dublin


Went out yesterday (last week, as of now 🙂 )… Rain… So much rain…

Even if I was actually out for a very short time I managed to get completely wet (and miserable).

I only managed to get a few snaps around the city centre and of the right2water thing…

You’re definitely never boring, Dublin… 😀

Taking a short break from the rain…

Last Saturday we had a short break from the norm (you know… sunny weekdays, rainy weekends… the usual…). The sun came out on Sunday for a few hours (including a brief hailstorm in the middle of the day 😦 ).

Great day to wander the streets and discover new things about the city:


Who knew…


Blue skies in Dublin

Also, good chance to go out on a photowalk with like-minded people and just shoot away…


GPO and spire


Our main subjects were supposed to be streets and buildings, but you know how these things go…

What else to say… Great people, sun (and hail), and photos… A wonderful day 🙂 .

Happy New Year!!

Last Sunday people gathered to celebrate Chinese New Year’s at the CHQ building.

And Sunday means photowalk! So, what else to say but: HERE COMES THE MONKEY¹!



¹as in “year of the monkey”, duh!

Of wind and water

What do you get when you mix three photographers, a very early start, a lighthouse and the desire to shoot the sunrise?

You get a lot of fun! And wet… you get very wet.

So, we decided to take advantage of the bank holiday and go shoot the sunrise at Poolbeg. We met at around 5 am and headed out for our trip.

You can't even tell if it's good or bad weather...

“Luke, I am your father.”

It was a windy morning and we were very aware that we were going to suffer the wind while on the South Wall.

Walking the trail in the dark was an interesting experience and let us see the city and the bay in a very different way.

View of Sandymount from the trail

View of Sandymount from the trail

Poolbeg generating station

Poolbeg generating station

When we got to the Great South Wall the wind was stronger than when we started (way stronger…), but we decided go on anyway.

So we went onto the wall to get as close as possible to the lighthouse. We stopped about halfway through the wall and got our gear ready and started waiting for sunrise (shooting, of course).

Wind and water

Wind and water

The wind got even stronger and we started getting hit by the waves…

But we kept shooting waiting for the sun to show up, which it didn’t… It turns out the clouds were too thick for us to see anything. No sunrise, not even the sun.

Even if we failed our goal, we still had a great time and a few good pictures. I’ll go back for the sunrise…

Great South Wall long exposure

Great South Wall long exposure

Dublin port and city

Dublin port and city