Of wind and water

What do you get when you mix three photographers, a very early start, a lighthouse and the desire to shoot the sunrise?

You get a lot of fun! And wet… you get very wet.

So, we decided to take advantage of the bank holiday and go shoot the sunrise at Poolbeg. We met at around 5 am and headed out for our trip.

You can't even tell if it's good or bad weather...

“Luke, I am your father.”

It was a windy morning and we were very aware that we were going to suffer the wind while on the South Wall.

Walking the trail in the dark was an interesting experience and let us see the city and the bay in a very different way.

View of Sandymount from the trail

View of Sandymount from the trail

Poolbeg generating station

Poolbeg generating station

When we got to the Great South Wall the wind was stronger than when we started (way stronger…), but we decided go on anyway.

So we went onto the wall to get as close as possible to the lighthouse. We stopped about halfway through the wall and got our gear ready and started waiting for sunrise (shooting, of course).

Wind and water

Wind and water

The wind got even stronger and we started getting hit by the waves…

But we kept shooting waiting for the sun to show up, which it didn’t… It turns out the clouds were too thick for us to see anything. No sunrise, not even the sun.

Even if we failed our goal, we still had a great time and a few good pictures. I’ll go back for the sunrise…

Great South Wall long exposure

Great South Wall long exposure

Dublin port and city

Dublin port and city

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